by Noot

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An acoustic tease of what is to come


released April 30, 2015

Tracking&Mixing by Jeffrey Tabankin
Guitar/Vox by Jeffrey Tabankin
Vox by Riley Walker
All Songs were written by Noot



all rights reserved


Noot Hartford, Connecticut

Hi I'mma Noot.

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Track Name: Crank Calls From the Volkens
I'd drive north 95 to see you
because New York's the distance
and I don't think I'll make it through the summer
I'll curse every sign with an empty sigh
we feel fine
and I have run out of shame
and now I'm to blame for all the stains on all my friends clothing
But you, yea you knocked me out
Yea you, broke up with me
telephone string

Dont you lie to me
and say the past few weeks
were nothing but a dream
and Dont you lie to me
and say that the voices in you head say we're better off as friends
Woah Woah

I don't really care if you can't explain
I dont really care I share your pain
And I dont know how you feel so damn alone
Its like you don't notice me

Nobody gets what they want in closure
Girlfriends talk about dead ends
because i'm finally back in my room and there's point thinking of you

Hey, We've driving for miles
So lets get out and cry all night
until you can call me up late at night
and you said, " you've got no second chances"
But darling there's no chance in romance

And its you
All that I need is you to breath
To explain how you cause so much pain I'm still hiding

Forgot all my feelings
Forgot all your caring so I can get up and over you
and out of my room
Forgot all my feelings
Forgot all your caring So I can get up and I can stop missing you
out of my room

Let it go, Just let it go
Let her go, Just let her go
When a river of alibis flowing down your eyes
no you got to let her go.

You're out on your own is it everything you ever hoped.
I'm lost in this city, do you every really think about me.
Because In the last 8 months I thought I'd build a home
not out of sticks and stones but hands I'll never hold again
Track Name: Pancake Waste
You spun your lies
and I fell out of your web
From what was left I made a nest
My cocoon, cut from threads of your social suffication
where I'll bloom too soon
not for you

Larva year love life
I learned we're too young to fly
from the mirror's perspective I seem alright
But that must be a lie
And its still feels like I feel such a great big height
And that must be a lie
Yea that must be a lie

You caught another bug
Brought it home in tapped up plastic cups
and forgot the holes
Yea i think
I would know you better
ignoring you father's opinion of the cockroaches
you bring into your bed
Inspecting their features and their flaws
then left raw, ahhh thats so wrong
so please spare some empathy
and drop in the sandbox, in the corner of your back next to me

Where you think, I'm buried
but I'm gone now


You are the new ant queen beneath my feet
It only takes one step down to break you and your entire colony
Track Name: Benzo Wrestlin'
I'm wide awake
4Am on a saturday
and I could get some sleep
if drinking were satisfying
Yea I heard you talking in your sleep
i think i've heard everything like how you feel
about me

I guess i want to hate you
it keeps dragging me down
and i can't remember falling asleep
but i keep waking on the ground

Its time, i make up my mind
regret and rewind. Forget
Next time you and I
Cross our eyes
you wont see the better part of me

And I could let go
if you said so
but you are never around
oh no oh oh ohoh

and I could let this go if you would just say so
but you're never around and that's just how this goes
so you just dont say so